RV Standards - The quality of RV's in a resort can contribute to or detract from the overall experience of all campers. For this reason, we enforce some standards of appearance on RV's, similar to those in place at other RV resorts and campgrounds. 

All vehicles must be operable and in good conditions.

Age -  Please note: Good condition does not mean new. 

RV Certification: RV's should have a RVIA certification. RVIA Certification states that rig complies with certain fire codes, which are important for the safety of our guests.

Appearance Guidelines: Overall the RV should look and function as it was originally designed. Here are a few examples: 

  • Doors, shrouds, panels, windows & coverings, etc. should be intact and not unsightly

  • Exterior should not be unsightly, and should be free of obvious, poorly-repaired damages

  • Tarps may not be used for weatherproofing and awnings should be in good condition.

  • Air conditioning units should not be added in through the walls or windows.

  • All hoses, wires, etc. should route through the port as originally designed.

  • Exterior should be free of duct tape, repair tape, excessive caulk, etc.

  • Isolated minor issues are generally acceptable, provided multiple issues aren't combined to substantially deteriorate the appearance of an RV: 

  • Minor body damage which has been properly repaired but is still visible

  • Fading of  decals and or paint

  • Minor window cracking

  • Damage from traveling that had recently happened.

Campfires - Campfires are permitted but no to be left unattended. The size of flames must not exceed 2 feet & under control at ALL times. No campfires after 11:00PM. The proper & safe use of campfires will ensure everyone's enjoyment>

Children - All children must be accompanied by an adult and never be left unattended.

Campsites - Each site may have up to 1 RV unit and 1 tent. Limit 4 adults & 4 children per site.

Horses - All horses must be in paddock or stall when not being ridden. Owner may rent stalls. Please call for availability.

Owners are responsible for hay & feed as well as cleaning stalls their stalls. Water is provided. Shavings may be purchased from our store. Muk buckets are provided free of  charge.

Dogs- All pets must be registered with the office and vaccination records must be available upon request. All pets must have collar with identifying phone number.  

  • Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times & under control by owner.

  • Dogs must not be left tied or otherwise unattended at any time.

  • No Aggressive breeds

  • Dog owners are responsible for their pets and should "clean-up" after them. All pet dropping must be disposed of in trash receptacles.

  • If we incur expenses in excess of any "pet fee" paid by the guest, the guest will be required to reimburse resort for those expenses.

  • Pet rules are subject to change

Garbage - A garbage dumpster is located on the property for your convenience.

Boats - Paddle boats are free & lifevest must be worn. ( availiable for check -out in store )  You are welcome to bring a small John boat. Please let us know when booking

Alcohol - Alcoholic beverages are allowed at your site. Please drink responsible and note the Oklahoma drinking age is 21

If are not of age and caught drinking you will be asked to leave without a refund.

Pleases be responsible

Ponds - No lifeguard on duty. Please bring life vest for kids. No swimming, Fishing poles and worms can be rented / purchased from our store.

Please notify management (918)630-0422 or 911 in an emergency. Be safe and have fun

The following will not be permitted:





Smoking of any kind

Tree cutting for fire wood ($50 fine )

Fires out of control

Damage to property - ($1500 fine)

Animal Abuse

Disruptive Conduct

Loud parties or Loud music

Anyone in violation could be charged a $100 fee and asked to leave without a refund

We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!